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Why Get Involved?

The Lamar PTA helps provide an exceptional learning environment for our children through fundraising and parent volunteers.
Last year through your contributions we were able to provide funds to several programs at Lamar. These include:

  • Scottie Fund
    • Teacher grants that allowed teachers and aides to purchase classroom supplies or supplemental personal protection equipment
  • Campus Renovation Project 
    • Courtyard Improvements to allow kids to play and eat outdoors: Picnic Tables, Ping Pong Tables, Basketball Nets, Tether balls, Corn hole, and Umbrellas.
    • Library Renovation and Teacher Lounge Refresh.
  • 6th Grade Transition Camp & 6th Grade Planners – for over 300 Students!
  • 8th Grade Picnic & Advancement Ceremonies
  • 6th / 7th & 8th Grade Dances
  • Backup Chrome books for Testing
  • Chickens & Butterfly Garden
  • SEL
  • Parent Education Sessions – Last Year’s being Pandemic Parenting.
  • Teacher Professional Development Book Study
  • Library Books
  • Lots more!

Your membership dues to Lamar PTA also enroll you in the:


These organizations do so much to benefit the welfare of children across our city, state and nation.

Here are some member perks from those organizations: